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About D'Liteful Trends

D’ Liteful Trends, founded by Darlene Hill, is designed to guide all women towards learning how to effectively create an outer beauty that expresses and accentuates their inner beauty.  Learning the D’ Liteful Trends techniques will empower and encourage all women to love themselves unconditionally regardless of who they are, where they have been and definitely prepare them—fashion and beauty wise—for where they are going! 

D’ Liteful Trends focuses on promoting positive images in women, through beauty and fashion, by empowering them to look and feel good about themselves.


D’ Liteful Trends explores what feels comfortable, looks great and compliments you by helping you coordinate apparel, accessories and attitude to develop a style trend that is uniquely you!


D’ Liteful Trends creates an experience that makes your heart smile, inspires confidence and garners appreciation from those around you! It will expose you to something new, something different, something creative, and something special…something totally you!

D’ Liteful Trends focuses on serving all women to help us, women, recognize, emphasize and accessorize the beauty we possess on the inside of us.


D’ Liteful Trends believes that all women are fearfully and wonderfully made and brings a unique trend to the table and that trend is YOU!


D’ Liteful Trends wants YOU to know It’s Your time to Rise; It’s Your time to Shine; It’s Your time to Live; and It’s Your time to Fly! It’s Your time for D’Liteful Trends!

"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety." -Felix Mendelssohn

D’Liteful Trends