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Should I Wear Makeup Or Not?

Ladies, did you know makeup is just like a relationship?

Sometimes it can be beautiful and sometimes it can be not so beautiful but I’m here to assure you that the relationship between you and makeup should never fail. It may not be perfect but it will never leave you.


Here’s why: The relationship between you and makeup has the capability of being controlled and trusted. What if you spend time applying makeup? What if you could care less about wearing it at all? Makeup will not have a problem with you. Makeup will still love you and will not become offended.


So many women wrestle with whether they should wear makeup or not, become more concerned with what others will say or even think about us. We develop insecurity and a fear of being judged. Well, I’m here to expose you to the truth and the real truth is: The Choice Is Yours and Yours alone!


So, learn to appreciate and love your relationship with makeup. I’m sure after all-- whatever your decision is-- it will be the best choice of all!


“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”

Felix Mendelssohn

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