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Conclusion of Makeup and Expiration Dates!

September 23, 2017


Hello Ladies,


Is your makeup bag beginning to look a little cleaner? I must admit my bag sure is!


Let’s jump right in to see what’s next on the list.


How about Lipstick?


Yes, Lipstick has an expiration date of 2 years from purchase. Did you know a simple texture or smell test will help you to determine your expiration date?


What about Eye Shadow/Powder Cosmetics?


Powder products seems to last longer than liquid products. These products last at least 1 but no more than 2 years. Still you want to check them periodically. Look for color changes or you can check your local retailer to see if the product’s color has gone out of style.


However, whatever your check list might be, replace expired makeup immediately!


Well, I think we’ve covered the major products in our bag. I hope learning of expirations dates and how they apply to makeup has been an eye opener for you!


Remember to keep your relationship with makeup looking beautiful and fresh!


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