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Quick Beauty Tips!

October 7, 2017





When applying your liquid or matte foundation to your face, please do not stop at your chin line! This is a very big NO NO!

When choosing our foundation, most colors do not match our skin color 100%; therefore, we must be very careful as to how we apply it to our face. So, to be sure your face has that extra coverage, take the foundation all the way under your chin line, even midway of your neck will be perfect.






Are you double cleansing when removing your makeup? Yes, double cleansing! Honestly, I had never heard of double cleansing until I met Professional French Makeup Artist, Laura Mercier. Laura shared how consistently double cleansing will help get rid of acne. Double cleansing is just simply cleansing your face twice to make sure all the dirt and oil have been removed. It will help unclog those deep pores and leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.





Have you ever experienced a bad hair day where it just simply ruined your day as well as your style? I’ve been there! It tends to put you in a bad mood, right? Well, here is a quick tip for a comeback! Try changing your style (this tip has always worked for me) for that day or week and if that does not work, try styling a cute hat or scarf!



P.S. If you would like to learn more about the tips listed, please contact me via email at or 334-868-0137.


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