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Love Yourself!

October 24, 2017





Have you ever stopped and wondered about this one simple statement, ‘I Love Me Some Me’? But do you really? What determines and dictates if I love myself? Do I have to look and act a certain way? Do I have to belong to a certain organization, a church, or a group? Should I have certain types of friends?


It takes confidence to really believe you love yourself. Confidence in who God created you to be…Beautiful!


As women, we spend a lot of time making sure certain areas of our lives are good. We often times unintentionally neglect that thing which is needed for ourselves just to make sure that others are taken care of instead. That’s the caring nature about us! Right? But we should find the time and refocus on ourselves. We should focus on eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of sleep.


Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Life is a day-to-day process that we live out based on the Word of God. If He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that His thoughts are good towards us, then why can’t we have good thoughts about ourselves?


Allow me to share what I believe to be some very important core values needed in order for you to love yourself:

·       Your Spiritual Growth

·       Your Family

·       Your Health

Focusing on these core values makes us beautiful! Remember to be competent, confident and creative! Love yourself!


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