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Hello Natural Hair!

November 13, 2017








Have you ever responded to a compliment about your hair by saying “Thank you, but I’m in between hairstyles”?


I sure have! Especially when your hair begins to grow out and becomes difficult to manage. You’re uncertain if you should wear it straight or curly. Sometimes we’re even faced with a tough decision to cut our hair and start all over but thankfully ladies, we now have options. When our natural hair is not having its best day or week, we can opt for a wig, weave, quick weave or even braids.


Selecting these options can be for numerous of reasons, whether it is for protecting our natural hair, easier to manage or maybe just trying a different look; however, taking care of our natural hair should be a very vital part of our daily lives. I’m a firm believer that our natural hair must have its daily vitamins. Shampooing, conditioning, eating healthy and exercising should become part of our daily routine when it comes to taking care of our hair.  


For many women learning to take care of our hair can become a journey of its own, especially when society as trained us to do the opposite with what they think is best. The most important lesson to learn on this journey is to know your hair! We should attend to it daily and allow it to become our best friend. It may sometimes become unpredictable, but it can also provide an opportunity for creativity.


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