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Five Fashion Tips and Techniques To Consider When Creating Your Image

February 14, 2018

When creating your style, consider these tips and techniques:


1.      Determine your style. Ask yourself: Am I a casual dresser? (This does not mean you do not have style). A casual dresser only means you can make anything look effortless and nice.

      Am I chic or classy dresser? You’re confident with wearing certain sleek pieces with a signature bold statement accessory.

        What about business casual/professional dresser? Your professional career requires you to dress accordingly. But remember, there is something we do every day, whether it’s pertaining to our clothes, hair or maybe in our accessories that says a lot about who we are or even how we feel that day.


2.      Don’t compare yourself to others once you’ve determined your style. Be your unique self. One of my favorite fashion quotes is by Anna Wintour, the British Chief Editor for Vouge Magazine: “Create your own style. Let it be unique, yet identifiable with others”.


3.      Have an accountability partner. Someone who can and will hold you accountable. People who can give you the honest truth without you becoming offended.


4.      Be confident. Do not let anyone dictate what you should look like or even wear. Be your unique self.


5.      Learn which other professional designers, stylists, or even friends share your same style. Explore the positives and negatives of what is the best fit for you. Ask questions.


Most importantly, whatever your style is, embrace it with confidence and enjoy it.


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