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Celebrating 50 In Style

July 5, 2018



I am so excited to be sharing this blog with you. My first cousin (Shirley Richardson Dukes) inspired me to write this blog during one of our catch-up phone conversations. She posed the question: How should I dress at 50? Immediately my lights went off. I was smiling, laughing and so excited to say to her, Hey I got the answer for you!


I love to dress and style. They are certainly some of my most favorite things to do. For over the past 20 years, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to present different styles of fashion (Professional, Classy, and Business Casual) and now that I’m 50, there’s no stopping me now. Turning 50 really didn’t change my style of clothes. I considered it as an upgrade to something new and different.


Most of my career has always been centered around a professional, casual, classy and sometimes a little conservative style. Most recently, I’ve added another inspiring look called “Edgy”. Yes, ladies we can style this look as well. Don’t be afraid to try something different. “Create a style that you like. Do not allow your age to become a factor when considering a style that is different and new for you. If the style makes you smile, then go for it. Remember to create your own style but make it identifiable for others”. -Anna Wintour


I’ve learned not to allow people or things to change what I do and love. I’ve always remained focused on what I truly loved and what inspired me the most. God has truly gifted and graced me with the wisdom to know what, when and how to wear certain pieces and to create my own style. It’s my passion. My image and presentation are two very important tools and I use them wisely. So, when I step out I must look my best because I am not only representing myself, I am representing my family and friends as well.


So, even at 50 years old, you can be creative, competent and confident. You can create your own personal style, make it fun and unique. Love yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself only creates avenues for loving and inspiring others!


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