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Finding The Perfect Foundation

March 22, 2019

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone can be hard! I know. I’ve experienced this predicament myself. Whether ordering online or purchasing it in the store, it can be tricky.


I like to match my foundation on my hands and neck, but sometimes it still does not give you the right shade. There are several ways to determine the perfect shade including checking your undertones color on your wrist and matching the color to the back of your hand. 


While those suggestions may be to your liking,  I have my own tried and true method. 


“Mix and match” your foundation! I love mixing foundations to get the perfect shade. I have very oily skin so I take a full coverage foundation and mix it with a matte finish coverage to give me my perfect shade. 


I’ve taken a full coverage color and a matte finish color and mixed them together to give me that “almost perfect blend”.


Once you apply your foundation, you can always tone it down or tone it up with your  powder.


So, if you’re having a hard time finding your right shade, try purchasing two "almost perfect" colors. Don’t be afraid to mix them together for that perfect shade. 


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