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Make the Healthier Choice

April 12, 2019


Eating healthy has become a choice I make everyday. It’s not that I can’t eat certain foods, I make a healthier choice not to.


I started my journey at the beginning of the year. Trust me, it has actually been fulfilling. I feel better, my energy level has increased tremendously and I’m exercising more, which is one thing I do not like to do! 


I stopped doing the “dieting thing”. It does not work for me. I’ve learned that with dieting, you are actually putting more toxins in your body than you are releasing. Eating the right foods (vegetables, green leaves, fruits and drinking plenty of water) will cause you to see a difference in your body.


What works for me? I have to set myself!



In other words, I must be intentional and conscious everyday of what I eat. Do I have a “cheat day”? Sure I do. But even on my cheat days I’m eating something that is less toxic to my body like grilled chicken, fish, lots of green beans, cabbage, salads with less calorie dressing, nuts, fruits and plenty of water.


What have I removed from my plate? Bread, drinks/sodas, sugar, pork, and beef. Again, I’m making a conscious decision not to have these types of food.


What helps with making my decision to eat healthy? First and foremost, I trust the  Almighty God, whom all wisdom and knowledge flows. 


Remember God wants us well so that we can carry out His vision and goals for what He has created us to do. Secondly, is loving myself. I want to live and have a healthy lifestyle. I’m excited about what God is doing in and through my life. Lastly, but most importantly, there's my family.


I love growing with them and spending quality time with them is always enjoyable. Life is great because we’re focusing on becoming whole in every area of our lives together! 


Ladies, we’ll forever be on this journey until the coming of Christ, so why not make the healthier choice.


Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful! 

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