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Tips for clear, healthy skin

April 25, 2019

Ladies, we’ve all been there. We get home late. We’re tired and sleepy. The last thing we want to do is remove our makeup. But did you know removing your makeup is one of the most important steps in your evening or nightly routine? I wear makeup everyday and I look forward to removing my makeup as soon as I get home so that I can allow my skin to breathe. 


Removing your makeup prior to bedtime also gives you the opportunity to develop healthy skin. When you do not remove your makeup prior to bed, you risk having breakouts, clogged pores, skin irritations and can cause your skin to age rapidly.


When cleansing your skin, make sure you’re using products that provide a deep cleanse. You want to be sure you’re removing all the oil and dirt that has attached to your skin throughout the day. An important thing to remember is if you wear eyeliner or mascara, use an eye makeup cleanser. Cleaning around your eyes is very important to your eyesight.

I've shared a photo of the products that I prefer. They included my favorite daily and nightly cleansers. Remember it’s essential that women look and feel good about themselves. And when we make an effort to be consistent with removing our makeup prior to bed, we are becoming our own kind of beautiful!


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