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Let's Get Active!

May 9, 2019

Until I turned 50, I had never really been physically active on a consistent basis. But now I’ve developed a routine and have set my mind to it! I’m beginning to look forward to my work out schedule. It wasn’t easy at first, but I knew this area of my life was needful. 


Your body starts to change and you’re wondering what’s going on! Stress begins to set in and you have no energy left to do anything. Initially, I came up with every excuse not to work out, from family to work, any excuse was working for me. 


Here are some things I found to be very important while developing peace of mind while on my health journey: 

1. Don’t allow it to stress you out. Stay focused on the fact God wants me healthy!


2. Don’t get hung up with trying to lose weight. Your goal is to be healthy!


3. Develop your own schedule based on what works best for you.


4. Get you a motivational partner that can hold you accountable.


I contribute a lot of my work out motivation to my husband. He pushes me but also encourages me at the same time. 

We jokingly share how we have this reciprocating love when it comes to our health walk. He pushes me to exercise and I push him to eat healthy and it works! 


Ladies, I can’t say this enough, God is pleased when we’re prospering in our health walk. He wants us in GOOD HEALTH, so let’s choose the good life. Let's motivate and encourage each other to get active and to "Be Our Own Kind Of Beautiful"!




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